The Journey Begins

Hello Readers!

(people, humans, fellow dreamers, i don’t honestly know how to refer to people who read blogs so yeah just Hi!)

I am sure you are wondering: who is this person? Let me introduce myself. I am Emily a girl who is always in neverland (hence the title). I wouldn’t say my life has been the normal or easy life that someone expects from a 19 year old girl at university. From a young age, I have cared for my older brother who has autism, severe learning difficulties and epilepsy. I have always struggled with making friendships due to my home life as I always wanted to protect my brother, this has led to further scars mentally for me over last couple of years. Recently I have had a very difficult few months with my past relationship as I went to rock bottom, I felt that I had nothing left: no confidence, no motivation and always felt drained. It has taken me awhile to realise that it was the relationship and how I handled everything to do with it that was doing this to me and I suppose this is why I am here.

I bet now you are wondering why I am here talking about my experiences? Well, I am here to speak up for myself and to be just be me finally for once in my life and to hell with what others think! I have wanted to talk about my experiences but never knew how to express myself. I am currently fighting this battle with my mental health due to the many setbacks over many years, I am finally facing my demons and I want to speak up and help others. If I can help one other person to not suffer in silence then that will be a result.

I hope to support other young people who may be facing a difficult time right now and to let them know that whatever their struggles if they involve relationships, friendships, family, university, mental health or anything then I want to let you know that you are not alone in this totally messed up world.

I am going to finish every post with a quote, todays is:

~ Don’t let a bad day make you think that you have a bad life.~

Em xo

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