Social Media… The Art Of Suck Holing

“Websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking” (Google definition 2018)

“Websites and applications that encourage social ego massaging, complete paranoia, talking shit about people, lying about having a good time, posting vastly edited profile pictures…generally trying to fool people that you’re nice” (Emily definition 2018)

Where do I start on this one? In high school it was a case of adding people randomly to make it look like you had more friends than you had and adding people that you secretly fancied the arse off, but they didn’t even know you existed ha!  I remember having so many arguments with a friend that somehow always managed to like the same lads as I did and at one point, I think she wanted to be me as she wore the same clothes and had the same hair, sad had nothing in it honestly.

Hardly anyone ever “liked” my posts on Facebook probably because I was just not in the “popular club” and let’s face it no way can “poplars” like “unpopulars”

Funnily enough 9 years later the people I went to school with would still not “like” my stuff just because I’m Emily Harris and yeah, my past will always be remembered.

Twitter, I like probably because I can talk to myself about random shit and no one gives one about it!

Snapchat. let’s put our location services on so we can let everyone know where we are and post pictures with dogs’ ears and angel wings on our heads, so it makes us look totally not like who we really are with some random unrelated text like “Bored DM me”

Instagram…I actually liked this more when I could buy likes to my pictures ha! now I just have to except that the only people that like my stuff are either new tinder potential ex boyfriends or friends that are actually genuine friends (real people) Every now and again I like to open my Instagram profile as public just so the stalkers can keep up with what I’m doing while they won’t actually have the balls to follow me!  Incidentally why do people follow people on Instagram and then unfollow them for no reason whatsoever? I suppose that is just another thing about social media that I don’t get.

It’s sad because we all “scroll” endlessly down the news/picture feeds like every 10 minutes…has anything really changed in that time. Probably not but hey let’s do it anyway because we’re paranoid!  Then you look at Instagram and you think how the shit did people get all those likes on a picture…ooh yeah that might be because they follow a million people who they don’t actually know!

Before Christmas I came off social media for a while because people decided to try and cause trouble for me and you know what I felt better for doing it, I’m back on it now but nowhere near as much and that feels like a small success in making me feel better about myself.

I drive my mum mad because I won’t arse suck people by liking their pictures and “playing the game” but it is just not me, if people don’t like me or get me then I’m not bothered and it’s their loss not mine, I’ve had too many people judge me over the years without even wanting to get to know me and I don’t expect that to change anytime soon so I’m not going to lose any sleep worrying about it anymore. Have you felt the same?

It’s sad that people don’t use social media how it was meant to be used. To keep in touch with friends and family, now it’s used to troll, stalk or to use as a weapon against someone. I’m no saint I admit that I’ve shared status’ to have a dig at someone, I’ve deleted some picture history because my ex was on my pictures and I’ve unfriended, unfollowed or blocked people because in a fit of rage I thought it was the right thing to do and then instantly regretted it because I then know I can’t see things I want to see and let’s face it those people never add you as a friend or follow you again because they’d rather play the martyr to get the sympathy vote.

But the genie is out of the bottle and there’s no going back now with social media it is what it is and sadly it is a part of most people’s lives.

Well I might just break the habit of a lifetime now and shamelessly plug my social media ha!

Instagram: emily_mae09

Twitter: Em_mae09

Snapchat: emilyharris14

So, add me, swerve me, block me or stalk me but most of all don’t be unkind to me or anyone else on social media there’s no need at all:

~Talking badly about someone else while they aren’t there to defend themselves says more about you than the person you’re talking about!~

Em xo

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