Public Transport

Now this is a bit of a weird blog, but I just must get this out there…

I want to say that because I don’t use public transport such as buses, trains or trams that doesn’t make me weird.  

If I don’t want to go on a packed smelly train at 11:00 at night then that’s my choice, if I don’t want to catch a bus to a place that I don’t know then that’s my choice.

We all have choices and we’re not all the same and I won’t be made to feel like I’m freak because I don’t like to do these things.

I admit I hate handling money, I hate having to ask for things I hate most social contact and all these transport things would make me have to do these things I hate.

So, don’t compare me to other people just because they go on a train or a bus that doesn’t make them social gods!

I do things in my own time and if I want to go on a train I will and just to put it out there I have been on one on my own more recently.

Just like driving, I passed my test nearly 2 years ago and I’m proud to say I’m now a fully-fledged motorway user.  I drive myself to uni and I drive back home and if someone had said I would do that 6 months ago I would of said no way.

So yes, Emily can do things on her own, but she will do it for her and not for anyone else!

~ Be a role model for yourself ~

Em xo

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