Another Person Walking In My Shoes

I saw this on Facebook and I wanted to share it because to be honest I thought someone was living my life as it is so like me and my story and it actually made me cry.

Healing is a process it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, energy and tears, giving up, starting all over again. Healing is knowing that not all things work out; and not all people are meant to stay together.

Yes it’s an easy thing to say, but a very hard thing to do, especially if emotions are involved. Being torn by what you want to be right for yourself and what you want to be right for others means you get stuck in a state of limbo and can’t find your way out. All you want to do is to go back to a time when things were calmer, a time when you believed in a bright future with a person who was right by your side in every way. It’s then that you remember that the only steps in to this imagined future are yours.

As much as I love talking to you and seeing you, I know I must be strong and break away because I know I am not good for you, I know I am not good for myself sometimes so how could I make anything work?

I am growing distant from you because I learned the hard lesson and that is that you can’t force two things together and you can’t force things to turn out how your heart wants it to be. You can’t force someone to love you like you loved them. And it’s ok, it’s ok to hurt, it’s ok to grieve for the life and people you once had, but in the end you have to say enough is enough and draw that line.

But what’s not ok is to keep desperately trying to go back to heal that which doesn’t want to be healed or that which doesn’t want to be truthful to themselves. Sometimes when things or people are so broken it/they never get fixed and you have to accept that and as hard as that goes as it’s against everything you want to believe in life but it’s how real life roles!

When you look around the room it’s bare, there are no memories of things that you shared, the memories that were once so beautiful and tender are now dust and then you question whether they were memories at all or whether they were all only in a dream?

That person will always hold a special place in your heart but you have to accept that when someone doesn’t need or want you in their life then that is a fight that you can never win, because to be needed and to be wanted has to be a two way thing. You have to believe that there is a future out there for you with someone that accepts you for who you are, who doesn’t compare or play you off with other people, who wants to need you and have you in their life as much as you do for them.

Chase your dreams not people and never expect people to chase you. Focus on the future and invest in yourself rather than others as others are not travelling your path. Be your true self not what others want you to be. You are the cultivator of your own future and happiness so visualise it, create it, cherish it and do it for yourself. Embrace the biggest gift you can give yourself and that’s honesty, the honesty to say you know what there will be bad days and the bad days will pass for the good days to make you smile again.

Your entire life can change in less than a year, so you’ve got to love yourself enough to know you deserve more.

Life is a struggle but that life can be so rich of love and tenderness if you only start to let people in and believe.

So now it’s my time to start to believe again!


~ Falling in love with someone is one of the best things that can happen to you ~

Em xo

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