Feeling let down…

Today was not a good day…today was a day of having to deal with stressful situations and people.

I finally had my appointment with student welfare services today at university what a disappointment that was because they basically said that because I have managed to turn up for all my lectures and submit all my work on time then they don’t think I have a problem.  So in a nutshell I have to fail or die to get help (when it’s too late)?. I told them that I have 2 interviews for full time jobs next week and if I get offered any of them then i’m giving up my course the lady just said come back then and we’ll look at what implications that has on my accomodation and student finance….not ooh i’m really sorry Emily we’ll help you to stay on, we want you to stay but we don’t care so just leave!

That’s just yet another slap in the face and another knock to my already fragile headspace. It’s sad but i’m actually quite getting used to rejection in one form or another.

Unfortunately, they still want me to do my dissertation proposal to be submitted by 4:00pm tomorrow on a subject I know nothing about having had no lectures about it, my course group chart is binging off on messenger with at least 90% of us stressed as hell already bracing ourselves for failure.  This is university life!. I’m struggling and i’m clearly being easily distracted because i’m actually writing this blog instead of doing my work but you know what I don’t even care anymore. I’ve come home from university tonight because I can’t stand being in my flat overthinking this stressful situation any longer.  Tonight is going to be a very long night

Bye bye sleep it was nice knowing you!

~ no one ever said life was fair~



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