The Silent treatment…

‘The silent treatment can be a difficult pattern to break because it is ingrained, relationships/friendships may then fail. The silent treatment is sometimes uses as a control mechanism. The silent treatment is a passive-aggressive action where a person feels bad but is unable to express themselves’ (Wikipedia 2019)

I’ve touched on this a few times before because it’s something that i’ve experienced myself and done to others and it’s got to be the most powerful weapon of choice and has the biggest impact on overthinking.

The silent treatment and Social Media together well you may as well call it an atomic bomb!

I bet there is not one person that hasn’t experienced being deliberately ignored by someone else either because the person doing it is avoiding you or because they want to hurt you with the silence.

My watch is telling me to ‘Breathe’ right now which probably means it senses i’m stressed about even thinking about this the silent treatment.

The worst thing is when someone gives you the silent treatment they always follow it up by being dead defensive about what they’ve done, ever heard the words “your paranoid” “it’s in your head” “i’m not like that” “you made me do it” “it’s your fault”

It’s a horrible way to treat people and we all need to stop doing it!

~ Spiteful words can hurt your feelings…But silence can break your heart…..~

Em xo

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