Today Is A Good Day

Today I realised what makes me happy, and that’s not university.

As you already know I have been struggling at university and today I have finished my first day on placement in a special needs school. I can honestly say that I have found what makes me smile.

Being around these kids lights up my world. Even though it is my first day, the kids have achieved so much from one day and I am proud that I have played but a small part of that change in their learning.

I have come home today and feel so much more positive and happy. This does not happen when I come home from university as I am just not enjoying it and every day is a dark day.

I’ve got an interview next week and had an informal chat today about a role and i’m 99% sure that this is where my future lies, this is my passion, this is my vocation and all the degree study in the world is not going to give me such happiness.

There is more than one way to get to your final destination so to anyone else struggling my advice is follow your heart and if you want something move heaven and earth to get it…

~ Life is too short for regrets~

Em xo

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