All about me

How would I describe myself..

Kind, caring, hardworking, sensitive, empathetic, loyal, moody, socially awkward, blunt.

What I like…

Mash! , Sunday roasts, sleeping, shopping, make-up, hair, dogs, Game of Thrones, Disney, The man in the high castle, chocolate.

What annoys me..

liars, people who gaslight you, people who deliberately ignore messages, the silent treatment, people who like to be liked, girls who post pictures on social media with underwear on to get attention, people who stir shit for attention, people who can’t admit when they’re wrong, people who think you should be the one to always make the first move.

What makes me sad…

People who don’t want to give me a chance and get to know me, knowing that there are a lot of narcissistic people out there who want to see you destroyed. Thinking about past relationships, University.

My bucket list…

To buy a yellow mini with black wheels and Union Jack lights, to travel around USA and to meet up with my friend Sophie and her family, to travel around Europe, to work at Disney, to meet someone special who I can spend the rest of my life with. To have a job that I really love.

~Live the life you love~

Em xo

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