New Chapter

Things are finally looking up for me.

As discussed in another blog post, I had an interview on Tuesday for a maternity assistant. I found out on Wednesday that I got this job and I am over the moon as things are going more positive now and I just feel so much happier and that a huge weight has been lifted off my mind.

As I’ve said before university isn’t for everyone and It wasn’t for me that is not to mean that it isn’t a positive experience for others. We all have to find our own paths to follow and there is no right or wrong way to live the best life you can live. In the end I realised that my mental health was more important than trying to survive in a place that just wasn’t for me. I’m proud because I reached my happy place on my own.

Today I saw my counsellor and we talked about what had happened, she said that she knew this would be the outcome and that she knew I would get to this decision on my own, which was the important thing this process was all part of me finally accepting who I am and who I want to be.

So now it’s all about completing release forms and bringing my life back home. I truly feel alive again, I have met some lovely people on this journey and at the same time I’ve met some people who I just don’t connect with but that is how life is.

~ Make life count~

Em xo

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