Reaching out

What the last 6 months has taught me is that there is no crime in asking for help when you’re struggling, there are so many people suffering in silence because they don’t want to admit what is going on in their lives and more importantly their heads. Don’t look at people’s life’s on Facebook or Instagram and wish you were like them because that’s not true life, no one is going to post negative stuff about themselves. You can run from your problems but you can’t hide as they will always catch up with you in the end.

It’s really tiring trying to put up a positive front every day with people and to be nice to some people who you know just don’t like you. All I can describe it as feeling like someone has filled up a sink with water right to the top and then pulled the plug out so that it’s empty.

I would never treat some people how they have treated me but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t help those people if they needed help. I’ve realised that I have to draw a line under the past so that I can move my life in the right direction and that means not trying to find an answer as to why people act the way they do, or to overthink situations. Life is as it is, people are as they are and people are different and it’s ok to be different.

I am different and I am proud of it, if you want me in your life that’s fine but it you don’t that’s fine as well. If you want a friend who tells you only what you want to hear, who suck holes up to you and who massages your ego then sorry i’m never going to be that kind of friend.

It’s been a tough lonely road that I’ve been travelling on but it’s also a road that is going to lead me to my happy everafter.

~Don’t suffer in silence, reach out to someone who cares~

Em xo

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