I’ve spoken a lot about “The silent Treatment” In my blogs, it can break relationships, destroy your confidence and make you overthink on a grand scale. It’s used as a weapon to destruct all the time and no matter how many times you ask people why they do it they’ll never be honest and tell you why! 

This has happened again to me recently… I asked a question… I stated facts… I got the silent treatment… BOOM 💥 

The elephant was in the room again and I couldn’t avoid it any longer, I realistically always knew what the outcome would be because this person is a coward and I honestly think they get some kind of sick kick out of messing with people’s heads! 

Well no more… I wanted to help this person as a friend but they couldn’t even have the balls to think how hard it was for me to reach out and give my hand of friendship after everything they put me through, because yet again it had to be all about them, they had to be in control because no one can make decisions about them or their actions.. all about playing the martyr and walking away without being honest. 

I took a risk with my actions because this person will always act in one of two ways… silence or verbal aggression, their natural responses? Or their defence mechanisms? Either way they chose their path of action no one forces them to act this way.

So now I choose my path of action and that is to finally walk free to start my new journey of discovering who Emily is. 

I’ve set myself a 1 year challenge and that’s to be successful in my new job, try new experiences, travel, buy a new car and find a partner who really cares about me and loves me for who I am.  It might be a big challenge but I’m going to give it my best shot because I’ve spent far too much of my life pleasing others instead of pleasing myself! 

To this person I also want to say… today my brother is in hospital, he can’t speak up for himself because of his disabilities but he knows I’ll always be there for him because he needs and wants people like me in his life. People like him are what makes life so special! 

Ben, my big bro, my cuddly bear you rock 💕

~you only have one shot at life so make it count~

Em xo

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