Causing Trouble…

One of the things that really confuses me is why people want to cause trouble for others? So called friends who get some nasty pleasure out of causing you trouble and even worse family members who do it to you as well?

Why would a person want to do that? what makes a person so twisted and spiteful? I just don’t think I will ever get this way of thinking because I don’t act this way. No matter what shit has happened to me I would never want another person to go through it!

I don’t add random people on social media, I don’t add people because for example my friend or relative knows them and I would never think of messaging someone that I didn’t know really well just to try to cause trouble…and yet on more than one occasion recently this has happened to me one particular spiteful bitch was messaging my ex to cause trouble. All I can say to that person is that I feel really sorry for them that they have such a shallow personality to feel the need to stoop so low to hurt another human being.

I firmly believe in “what goes around comes around” and you my friend will get all that you deserve coming to you!

~I am Karma~

Em xo

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