Psychic or not?

I’ve visited the area of psychic reading before, always the sceptic I thought I would try it again WOW!!!!! This person could not have known any of this at all but she is 100% right. This psychic medium is a lady called Jane Farnaud and her email is

Name : Emily Mae Harris, Questions : relationships and career

The Hermit, I sense a huge discrimination, a withdrawal with Emily, and an annulment. She has purposely ended something in order to start something new, and I believe she has made the correct choice based on keeping her mental health in good order. Spirit is supporting her choice.

7 of Pentacles I see she will do well in her new chosen career. I see babies around her too. She will be well appraised for her hard work, it is hard work, I see her working very hard.

2 of Pentacles I see that she will need to believe in herself, this has been a struggle in the past and I see some mental suffering, depression, over-stressed and feeling shut away, feelings of separation from family was too much for her. She won’t feel lonely anymore and she is better being back home.

The Queen of Wands Do not worry about her, she is young, she has much to experience, and deep down, she knows what she wants and where she is going, she is on the right path now. I see she likes to express herself in her clothes, hairstyle and make-up and this is normal for her age also. She will become more self-assured in the coming months and be optimistic about life again. She must not feel like she has a failed. She has not failed, she is very intelligent and very sensitive, and this sensitivity needs nurturing, it is a special gift.

The Ace of Cups I do see that she feels stuck right now regarding relationships, but time will sort this out and she must be patient here, all in good time.

In love I see her wish coming true, but this will not happen overnight. I see love forecast for her coming in around 8 to 9 months, as friendship, and then developing into something more around 16 months. I see that she will want to move home again. I see a love, a deeper feeling, a romance with great intimacy for her and one that will suit her sensitivity.


This reading comes with a free Archangel card chosen by my spirit guide ‘Emily’ as follows:

Archangel Sandalphon says “Victory!” “Your prayers have been heard and answered. Have faith”.

Thank you for choosing me.
With love and peace,
Jane x.

~listen to the stars~

Em xo

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