Realising that I was not the problem

I am writing this blog today because I have had a good couple of days speaking to someone who appreciates me and not have an hidden agenda.

It is hard to get out of the mindset that not all people that you speak to are the same as the horrible people you have had experiences with in the past. It is weird being liked by someone who just likes me for being me and I don’t have to be someone else when speaking to them. I have been told that I have a heart of gold and that I am just a caring person that you can get along with easily. This made me question my past relationships and I have seen that actually I was not all the issue or to blame for everything that went wrong… it was just easier to blame me for everything including their own mistakes as they didn’t want to take that responsibility for themselves, you can never speak to them like an adult because they will always turn it in to an argument and call you selfish and uncaring.

I met with an old friend from high school for a catch up and this made me see that I am not weird because I don’t think like other people or understand why some people do the things they do, there are actually others who think and feel the same as me. The only reason that we don’t understand some people is that our experiences shaped how we see life and because of those life experiences we had to mature much quicker compared to others. We might not be everyone’s choice of friend but what we are is honest to ourselves. We have our struggles but we hold our hand up and say there is nothing wrong in admitting when you need help.

Knowing when to say you’re wrong or that you are sorry for your actions is important in life. There are too many people who would rather be in control of other people and never admit when they are at fault, which is their choice but carry on like that and those people will have far more people walk away from them than true friends. You can follow and be followed by thousands on social media but that doesn’t make you in to a liked person because that’s not real life.

~Embrace yourself and be the best you can be~

Em xo

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