Some days are not good days

Some days are better than others and today has not been one of the best.

My brother Ben had 5 seizures this morning and ended up going by ambulance to A&E, he’s home now and looks pretty grim, i’m on room sharing duty with him tonight to make sure he is ok (he’s not impressed lol!)

Apart from that I’ve been ghosted again…seems to be a regular thing with me and lads or is that lads who feel the need to act differently when they are around their mates? , either way i’m done, gone are the days when I’m chasing arseholes, want to act like a prick then fine Em is out of here.

Doormat Em is gone so people better get used to that!.

So I hope every one had a nice Valentine’s day today and got treated like they should do…and to the person looking at my blog yesterday thinking who my card was from…well it was from my dad…the only decent man around in my life right now and the flowers on snapchat?…they’re my mums…just goes to show you can post any old shit on social media to fool a fool!

~Chase your dreams, not losers~

Em xo

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