Life has given me it’s fair share of shitty experiences but each one gives me a lesson and after yesterday the lesson was…expect the expected. I am guilty of double standards let’s face it we all are sometimes, because I am on Tinder and I saw my ex was on Tinder too, there’s no point in trying to reason with people about why I was so mad because they wouldn’t understand because they weren’t in my 3 year relationship they didn’t see what went on. I am no saint and I can be the bitch from hell, but I am an honest bitch I know all my faults and I admit them and I try to work hard to make myself a better person.

I reacted out of hurt but at the end of the day it was me who ended the relationship…why? in the hope that he would change and see that I loved him more than life itself, who was I fooling because we had those discussions time and time again and each time things would be the same, in the end i just got tired of hearing the same old shit. So the relationship became toxic. We did have good times but not enough.

I was going to delete my post from yesterday but that would make me a liar because I did say all that stuff and I did mean all that stuff it wasn’t ok to be critical but it was ok to be honest. Lies just catch you out FACT!

As for Tinder that is also a lesson learned I’m not going to find happiness there and at this time in my life other things are more important. As for my ex I have to accept that they don’t want or need me in their life anymore and that It is what it is, you can’t fix that which is unfixable.

I hope he finds what he’s looking for because no one deserves to be alone in life.

So today I went to work and I spent time in my happy place with my happy people, those special needs children know what true love is because they expect nothing but give everything and that’s how people should be.

I am still hurting but each day that hurt will be less and less until it was all a distant memory.

~New Beginnings~

Em xo


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