In the words of Tom Walker ” and counting our blessings, but it don’t take us too long cause our lives are not like a movie or a Katy Perry song”

My life has definitely not been like a movie lately, in fact for the last two weeks I have been looking after my grandad in hospital. My mum has to sort out a lot of stuff at home so it was my time to stand up and help out more. It’s been hard seeing this proud man struggle so much, he has been really ill after having a big operation on his stomach. I have tried to help him keep his spirits up and I have been the eyes and ears for my mum. It has been a big insight for me as well in to life working in a hospital. I have loved it and it has made me realise that my decision to give up university study was the right one.

Tomorrow I start my new job and I am really excited. So I am having an early night because I have to be up at like 6:00am! I’ve just watched a post by Jay Shetty on Facebook (if anyone doesn’t know him I highly recommend listening to him because he makes more sense than anyone I know). This post just summed up what I am /need to do right now…

6 Healthy ways to be alone after heartbreak

1: Don’t lower your standards, this is our opportunity to get to know ourselves, if you want someone to fall in love with you, you have to fall in love with yourself first, our biggest mistake is trying to get to know other peoples interests before our own and we learn what makes other people happy when we should be learning what makes us happy. knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.

2: Don’t chase anyone. If you have to chase someone that means that they don’t want to be with you! This is your time to chase your own dreams, your passion and your purpose.

3: Start a hobby. This is your time to try something new or to reconnect with an interest that you did before.

4: Learn something new. Our happiness is linked to how much we are progressing and learning about ourselves and life. This is your time to learn.

5: Live with intention. Start living your life with intention, don’t give life half measures, understand why you are doing things and with what purpose.

6: Talk to yourself. The most important call you will make each day is with yourself, understand your emotions and navigate your mind so that you are comfortable with being alone. Instead of finding an escape or finding another person to get attached to learn to be comfortable with yourself and at peace with your own thoughts. if we never learn to be alone we will always feel that we are lonely.

(Jay Shetty 3rd December 2018)

I have definitely learned what is important recently and chasing people who don’t treat me right is of no interest to me anymore. I can’t save everyone and finally I am ready to say that it is about saving myself from now on. I will not change in the way I care about others but I will not allow my kindness or my past to be used against me anymore.

This is my time to shine…

~ live life for yourself and no one else~

Em xo

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