What a week

It is has been a busy week for me as I have now started my job and I can say that I am going to love it!

I’ve had early mornings this week but treated myself to Starbucks to help the time go by. I was so nervous when I met everyone on the induction day but I can honestly say that I have loved meeting them, as for once I am happy in my own mind and body.

I was nervous and apprehensive because I felt that I could be judged or that a certain someone would try to cause trouble for me. I actually told myself that “I can do this!” and now I am honestly so happy that I have made this choice and that I have put myself out there in the world.

I have met some lovely people that I will be working with and I know that I will be happy to be working with them as we just get on so well already, it is like we have known each other for more than this short while. This feels a really nice vibe as it gives me a sense of belonging (this is something I haven’t felt for ages).

After a dark couple of months and experiencing the things that I have I have now found the light that I have been looking for. I am happy and at peace with my own mind. You’re probably thinking, how can I know that from one week? Well I have made the effort this week, I want to make the most out of all of this and I want people to see the real me, so by being honest and true to myself I can say that I am finally doing something for me and not something to please some else and that feeling is priceless. I have travelled back home on a train, I have made my way around unfamiliar places which might not sound a lot to some people but it is a massive achievement for me as in the past I was told that I couldn’t / wouldn’t ever do that because I didn’t have the confidence to do that, so to my ex I say this Em was always here but you never wanted her to fly solo but she can do this and she will do this!





I start on the ward next week and this is something I am so looking forward to as I am ready for it!

All I can say is that it is my time to shine now and I am not going to look back.

This is my journey of discovery, Em is out of that box and I am climbing that wall all by myself, I don’t need any lad to hold my hand or make me second guess myself. The next relationship I will have will be equal, with someone who loves and cares for me in the right ways, who wants me in their life just as much as I want them to be in mine.

~Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution~

Em xo

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