Let the stars decide..

I’ve looked to psychics before, so as I start a new chapter in my life here I am again…I can not recommend this lady enough, some would say you make your own destiny but I think the spirits definitely tell me the way to go.

4 of Wands A very positive card, it shows happiness within the home and family environment and good communications. I see the end of a romance, but awareness here, growth and appreciating life for what it is. Emily is a responsible, mature girl and I see peace falling around her. An acceptance.

5 of Swords I see a hollow victory, a defeat, Emily accepting ones limitations and conflicting interests with someone she cared deeply about and having to move on. It was a no-win situation and no one won that battle….there was some hostility too and some dishonourable behaviour I see. This has been hurtful. Strength In the very near future, she will be released from the chains of responsibility there and I see her dumping some emotional baggage too and becoming freer than a bird!

The Fool Emily is lovely, she is the eternal optimist, but she is also a little naïve and I am told that she must be careful not to rush off and fall in love for the sake of falling in love, but look carefully next time at where the relationship is heading. I see a new start for her, new opportunities arising with infinite potential in love and at work.

The Page of Cups Pages are messengers. The message here today is that you must trust in your intuition here Emily. Find it in your heart to forgive. Because, by forgiving you are setting yourself free and thus you will not become bitter and twisted. Think of yourself now and your spiritual growth here.

2 of Pentacles The 2 of Pentacles is about juggling with new ideas, well at least there are two trains of thought in your mind. I am told you need to look at new ways of juggling old situations I see that this about is a life balance using dexterity, flexibility, and understanding of human nature. There are many new options and choices coming up for you this year Emily and much to look forward to. I see opportunity knocking on your door in many ways.

5 of Cups Sometimes, I see you halt and step back a few paces. Yes, this is hurt, coming to haunt you from time to time and to be honest, it doesn’t get easier with age, you just learn that this is life and to a certain extent it makes us tougher and more prepared for human nature in people. I do see loss, disappointment, emotional confusion and regret, but this is not your fault Emily, you need to understand that you did your level best and that you were not to blame here. This was destiny, it would have happened eventually. Be brave now and don’t look to the past for answers, know that there was nothing you could have done to prevent it. Do not look back and do not go back.

The Empress I am told that it is now time for you to embrace change and go with the flow of things and take each new day with a fresh new approach.

8 of Swords/4 of Cups (2 cards linked) Spirit tell me that you still feel emotionally restricted and have feelings of vulnerability, you are isolating yourself and your thoughts even at times and this is almost a self-sabotaging experience, you are taking the blame for someone elses behaviour even. Well, this is just not right. As I said, this is about a persons personality trait that you cannot take the blame for. Move on and find clarity through re-focusing your energies in a positive way.

The Sun I see a clarity soon for you Emily that brings joy and happiness and great emotional growth for you. News of the past and what actually happened will become clear to you and you will find it easier to emotionally move on in your life. I see a new friendship, male friendship arising later in the year, and a new self-confidence emerging from a soul that has gained experience in recent months.

6 of Swords/The Magician (2 cards linked) I see a new perspective come over you Emily and a recovery including some travel. I see you taking a break. I also see you moving, physically and mentally later this year and getting over these past months of difficulty. Right now, you might be feeling lost or depressed even Emily, life doesn’t seem to be flowing for you, but soon it will be time for you to set yourself free from these past troubles, remember you are very young, you have the big world out there to enjoy and experience and be thankful that you have gained some tough experiences that will make you a more guarded, stronger, better Emily for your future.

10 of Swords/The Page of Wands Now I see again a sudden mis-fortune, plans ruined, feelings of defeat and some pain and tears Emily. There is some martyrdom as well. This just won’t do Emily. Put a time limit on how long you are going to lick your wounds, say end of February and then get back on your horse and focus, don’t look back. Remember, the longer you dwell here, the longer it will take for new love to enter your life – effectively this current attitude is controlling your life or halting it if you like, so ultimately you are in control of your destiny Emily, not me, or my guides. You must make the decision to move on. I have faith in you.

The Wheel of Fortune/The Emperor The Wheel of Fortune is actually the wheel of destiny. What has happened and what will happen is part of your pre-written destiny Emily. But now you have reached a turning point, from this point on, each moment is a new beginning. You must take advantage of any chance that comes your way to re-flower and move on.

The Ace of Swords I see you will be rewarded for your efforts Emily with prosperity, in abundance with a good dose of realism. Therefore, good things will come out of a bad situation for you in work and money Emily and soon you will be enlightened with the chance of work to get your mind re-focused on good things once again. You must put trust in your situation (says spirit) as they see you turning over a new leaf in your life and being fully grounded in the real world. Well done.

The World/8 of Pentacles (2 cards linked) You are soon going to come to terms with yourself Emily, your sense of individual value and how you relate to others. You will be asking yourself, “what is my true potential?” in love and work. I am told you must look forward to great success in both and you will be rewarded for hard work and emotional effort. I see you finding perfection this year, a sense of completion, fulfilment, an emotional freedom found, a cosmic love and moreover, a freedom from fear…

This reading comes with a free Archangel card chosen by my spirit guide ‘Emily’ as follows:

Archangel Ariel says “Spread Your Wings!” “Do not hold back right now. The timing is perfect, and you are ready to soar!”


Em xo

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