Mother’s Day

As you already know it is mother’s day, and I am on a long shift so I won’t see my mum much today. I wanted to take this time to write something for her whilst I am unable to tell her as it is 4am!

Happy Mother’s day to my mum who is a massive stress head but has a heart of gold.

You know us kids are a pain in the arse for you but today should be your day (well most of it) We have bought some gifts for you to show how much you mean to us, there is one little gift that has not arrived yet but I think you will love it, we have all pitched in for this gift. I think that this picture might give you a clue 😉

I just want to say to you mum, Thank you for all the support you have given me over the last couple of years and especially the last couple of months. I would not have got to the place that I am at now without you. I know that you are thinking that this is just another day but remember it is a day to be treated special by family. Of course I am not here for most of the day but you’ll see me later before my head crashes on my pillow ha!

So mum…

Happy Mother’s Day

We love you even when we don’t show it

You are our mum and we wouldn’t change you for the world!

Love you lots

Em xo

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