Tonight is a first for me…it’s my first ever night shift at work! I’ll not lie i’m absolutely bricking it (ha!) but well it’s got to be done, I’ve had a sleep this afternoon so that my body doesn’t go in to complete shock tonight (as anyone who knows me will know that me and sleep are best friends and it doesn’t take much for me to Zzzzz) and I’ve got another night shift tomorrow so i’m planning to spend the whole of tomorrow in bed in shock lol!.

But I’ve got to say i’m loving my new job (even the 4:30am get up’s on an early long day) I’ve cleaned more beds than I knew existed ha! but along with that I have seen 2 births WOW! that can only be described as amazing! ( I will blog about that on it’s own soon as it’s well a life changing light bulb moment).

In other news…I got my car…and it’s FANTASTIC and it’s YELLOW with black wheels (picture to follow). I’ve bought this on my own…so to the spiteful shits what say my mum and dad buy me everything I say to you…this is what you get from hard work, you get to buy yourself nice things.

I’m enjoying life right now and things are calm which is good. I dip in to Tinder occasionally…I swipe left (because I would rather rub my eyeballs out than swipe right with most of the people on here, but it humours me seeing how many lonely university students there are on there. Funnily enough I matched with someone who went to my school…they soon unmatched with me when they realised that I was “the EMILY HARRIS”…yep still not good enough even nearly 4 years on…do I give a shit?…hell no!!!! The other thing I notice on there is that as soon as lads realise I dropped out of Uni then they “ghost” or “un match” with me…again do I care hell no!!! If lads want to be that pathetic then it’s their loss.

So I am celebrating 8 months of single life (with the odd failed date here and there) but i’m not bothered because in that time I’ve found the best relationship ever and that’s with myself. I have learned to survive on my own and learned to love myself, faults and all.

Gone are the days of me running after people.

Anyway off to work….wish me luck!

Ooh and here’s a picture of me and the only love of my life right now….my dog!


~love the life you live~

Em xo

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