Reflection of the tired!

Today I am writing this blog trying to keep my eyes open, I have done two night shifts back to back and all I can say is that I have worked bloody hard, running my not so little arse off (ha!) but I’ve had some funny moments too.

Considering I haven’t done any night shifts before, I was pretty proud of myself for actually getting through them both without falling asleep standing up (ha!).

I just wanted to take the time to talk about my experiences that I have had whilst at work. I’ve seen three normal deliveries and a C-section (shall we say I won’t be going back in to theatre to see a section for a couple of days ha!). I have loved experiencing these births as believe me it’s nothing like you see on “one born every minute”, but it was such a magical moment seeing the new parents faces light up with joy and them bursting with love for their baby. It was that magical that me the ice maiden Harris even cried on seeing the first delivery!, I suppose that these experiences have given me something to work towards and to think about as I can see now that I would really like to progress in this line of work. I’m actually thinking midwifery is the career for me.

Whilst on my night shift on Monday, I just had to cause a drama, didn’t I?! I fainted right at the end of an emergency C-section, I had seen all the blood and how the procedure worked and how the baby was delivered and was running on adrenaline but then clearly my body was telling me that I had seen enough for one day and bam down I went like a sack of potatoes.. at least I wasn’t the only one though as the first year student midwife fainted too as it was her first c-section as well. The poor parents must of thought ‘what the hell have we got here ha!’ Don’t worry I am okay though, I started laughing hysterically when I came around as I surprised myself at where I was, and the anaesthetist was slapping my chin with a cold compress to wake me up… can you imagine the state of my foundation running down my neck with that ..but as they say all in a days work!

I am happy that I saw it all happen even though I fainted but I would definitely do it all again as it was really interesting to see what goes on. I think next time I’m gonna sit on a chair just to be on the safe side though and observe from a safe distance! It was an emergency section though and the midwife said that it was not the outcome they thought it would be as initially I was in there to see a delivery with forceps but baby was having none of it coming out that way. Thankfully mum and baby were fine at the end and I have a whopping bruise on my arse as a reward sticker lol !

As I am typing this blog, I just can not express how happy I feel as I feel that I have 100 % made the right choice in starting this job. Whilst I have been working there I have learnt so much about the NHS and I have learned so much more about myself, I feel happy with me and working hard for my money. I still have a lot of learning to do but I am really looking forward to it as I really want to be able to support other women and their babies as they deserve the best start in life.

I can feel my eyes slowly starting to close so I am gonna go bed whilst I still can as another day at the office is happening tomorrow… no rest for the wicked!

Night! (Or is it day still? Ha!)

~life is beautiful if you believe in yourself ~

Em xo

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