When I look back at some things that have happened in my life or look back at some people I’ve had in my life I can see a bit of a pattern going on. I’d be a liar if I said that I’d not done this as well because reinventing yourself sometimes is a way to survive the pressures of everyday life. This then raises the question do we reinvent ourselves so that we don’t have to deal with what’s going on in our lives at that time or events of the past or do we reinvent ourself because we want to make us a better version of ourselves because we’ve learned from our life’s experiences?. 

For some people though reinventing themselves also means trying to hold on to other people’s ‘positive’ perceptions about them. When these type of people see that maybe people are realising that they are not the person they thought they were then reinvent ors start the cycle of change again. 

I see this a lot on social media (I’m a bit of a people watcher ha!) and every time a pattern happens: 

*They start to add more friends or followers because they want to be seen as popular or ‘liked’. 

*They add people that the ‘popular’ people already know so try to get in to their circle of friends. 

*They ‘like’ people’s posts, pictures or quotes that they were once really friendly with but may have lost touch with because that person moved on to a new person. 

*They stalk ex friends to see what or who these people are interacting with and then they try to do it as well. 

*They change their profile pictures to attract new followers (although I do change my pictures a lot just because I like my sister doing my makeup and want to show it off 😂)

I suppose reinvention goes hand in hand with my last topic disassociation. If you reinvent yourself then you can disassociate yourself from your past and all the bad or negative things that happened. This is true maybe? But the past always catches you up along the way because reinventors can’t keep up this ‘false’ personality for too long they end up on self destruct mode. 

I also see that ‘people pleasers’ always seem to like these reinventors as they completely forget all the shit that might have happened in the past with them and go back to being friends with them and massaging their ego’s. 

I’m just putting this out there now “I AM NOT AND NEVER WILL BE A PEOPLE PLEASER” it makes me so mad when I see this going on, yeah it’s nice to be liked but it’s not the be all and end all in life. If you like me.. fine.. if you don’t like me.. fine as well! 

The funny thing is if you confront a reinventor and ask them why they are doing it they get all defensive and tell you that you’re talking bullshit and that you’re paranoid.. but who’s the paranoid one really! 

I’d like to think that if you have a true personality then you will never need to reinvent yourself because people will like you, respect you and be your friend no matter what (although probably social media tells me otherwise) 

Well that was a deep start to the day 😂. So now I’m off to work on a long day shift until 9:30pm tonight. I thought I’d post this now because by late tonight I’ll be that tired I won’t even be able to look at a screen and type ha! 

~don’t be fake, just be the best version of yourself that you can be~ 

Em xo 

Ps and here’s me trialling out another of my sisters makeup looks and a cute picture of my dog 

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