Anxiety is one of the hardest things to live with…I know because I live with it, every day is a battle of the mind, the inner voice telling me that I can’t do something or that i’m not good enough. I have learned to cope with things better recently but it’s been a battle.

Late last year and early this one I had anxiety attacks nearly every day, I was scared to go out on my own to busy places, I was scared in case I bumped in to people from my past. I could feel my heart pounding a million miles an hour and I felt sick, it really is just a horrible experience and more than anything it can stop you existing.

I am trying to face my demons and I am slowly winning the battle, I can finally face the world on my own, on my terms!

This is going to be my year and this is going to be my time to shine and I will not let anxiety beat me!

So to everyone struggling…don’t struggle on your own, don’t be afraid to admit when things are bad, don’t bury your head in the sand and hope things go away, let people in!

~Be happy be free~

Em xo

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