What a time to be alive!

Last night I went to see the absolutely fantastic Tom Walker in concert in Manchester, this guy totally rocks at being real and true to himself. 

During one of his songs “Just you and I” he dedicated it to his fiancé, they had a long distance relationship for a while but fought to keep together why? Because they thought it was worth the fight. Wow! How many people do that these days ?

My ex was never in that mindset, the only thing he fought for was himself, the day he got accepted for university was the day I knew it was the end.. because I was never going to be good enough for him. 

Well “I AM GOOD ENOUGH”, you walked away from the best thing that was ever and will ever be in your life ! 

One day I’ll find “My own Tom Walker” until then I’ll just keep going and being the best version of myself I can be 💕

My weekend of memories continues today as it’s Marvel Endgame with the sister.  Family ❤️

~it’s not a weakness to fight for what you want in life~

Em xo 

The fantastic Tom Walker

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