My Dad… the quote from this picture here is perfect 💕. I realised yesterday that he is the reason why one certain person in my circle wants me to fail, wants me to hurt, wants me to have nothing, wanted to take what was mine! Why?.. because her dad walked away and left her and she can’t reason why. It’s been a long time since that happened to her but still she is bitter and jealous . I get it I totally do but that doesn’t give her the right to be horrible to me because my dad is in my life and loves me it’s not a reason to be and to act the way she does. Yeah she probably says I don’t understand her and how it makes her feel and I never truthfully will because my dad is my dad and he’s not her dad (if that makes sense?) but don’t hurt me or be spiteful to me because your dad isnt in your life! This person never stops to think that she might be the reason why he acts so cold to her ?

I love my dad, he works so hard for the family and he loves us all the same , he might not show love like to the outside world because that’s just the kind of person he is but we know he does love us and I couldn’t ask for a better role model in life .

One of the other pictures I shared is about one of the things a narcissist says “it’s not all about you “ …. WoW! This quote hit home because this was said to me so many times in the past by someone I thought cared about me, a person that again was so wrapped up in their own past and why people did what they did to them that they were spiteful to me and to others . This was not my fault, I have the right to be happy , to be loved to be valued and yes sometimes everything CAN be just about me !

No longer will these people make me feel guilty for having what they so long for!

I am lucky to have what I have and to have a family that loves me and fights for me and not anyone will put me down for that . Their insecurities are their problem to deal with not mine .

So this is the last day of my “tweens as it’s my birthday tomorrow 20! Shit! I feel old 🤣 The last year has been a struggle but it’s made me realise what and who is important and for that I will always be grateful.

So have a great day everyone, be yourself, be happy and don’t live your life in the shadow of people who refuse to take any responsibility for their own actions . In the end they will destroy their own life but it’s not your fault remember that !

~life is yours so live it in the present ~

Em xo

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