Is being honest wrong?

I was talking to my mum and sister the other night about whether it is right or wrong to be honest with people, or may be honest isn’t the word I am looking for in fact in the past one person said I was “blunt”. I don’t mean to sound blunt but sometimes things really confuse me, the way people act really confuses me…surely i’m not the only one that acts or thinks this way?

As I’ve said before I don’t massage peoples ego’s, I don’t people please just to have friends but I see so many people doing this that I’m now wondering if it’s me that’s in the wrong should I be just “playing the game” that is this life?

It’s my sisters birthday soon and her and her friends had organised a day out and sleep over at our house, now one friend has dropped out and the other is saying she might not come because it would be unfair on the person who dropped out…but why? my sister is upset as she feels let down but she won’t cause a scene because she wan’t to keep the peace. I know how she feels because time and time again when I was at school so called friends would let me down last minute and drop out of events. My counsellor said that I shouldn’t take things personal as sometimes people have to change their plans but it isn’t a reflection on me?…but if this is the case why did it happen over and over again? and it seems that the same things happen to my sister so are we both wrong?

Why are people so selfish?, is being selfish and thinking about number 1 the only way to survive in life?

I don’t like it when people treat honest people with no respect let’s face it this is the reason why there is so many people with mental health issues , the way people react to others has a knock on effect on their self- esteem, it provokes insecurities, paranoia, and massive over thinking what did I do wrong?

I will put this bluntly now “YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG!”

Yes it’s easy to say ignore people and their bad attitudes but once destructive words are in your head it’s really very hard to break free of them.

I will give an example of this…Once of my friends has Bi-polar when they are taking their medication they are fine and everything is ok they are kind of like “flat” but then I start to see them posting more stuff on social media, sharing more ‘quotes’ that appear to be them trying to have a dig at someone so I know they are now not “flat” they are moving to a “high”. Recently I messaged them to check they were ok, they admitted that they weren’t and that they were drinking more, not taking their medication and spending loads of money (classic bi-polar manic, depressive episodes?). Anyway I offered words of support but then out of no where when they didn’t want to hear what I was saying they turned nasty on me and said “at least I am at university and didn’t drop out”…HELL that hurt, did I deserve that? do I have to accept that because this person has mental health issues then they have the right to treat me like crap and be offensive and insult me?. When I said that was not nice guess what happened….they ignored my message!. This is what I hate the most people who can give out words but get nasty when someone says NO enough is enough!

I try to see the best in people and I try to see things from all sides but it is really hard because I can’t really understand why people do the things they do. Again through counselling I was told not to over analyse everyone and there is not always a reason for people’s action… but is this true?. Is it too hard to say “SORRY” is it too hard to “ADMIT WHEN YOU ARE IN THE WRONG”.

May be I am meant to be alone because sometimes being alone is safe because then I don’t have to understand this thing that is called the human race, but then I think NO, I refuse to be broken and made to conform just to survive with people.

I am a thinker and I am a worrier and although I work on the way I am as a person I know I will always “not get people” if that makes sense?

Wow that was a heavy blog!

I think my point is feelings and actions work both ways in life, bad words can never be taken back, horrible actions can’t be undone so think first would I like this to be said or happen to me? if the answer is no then don’t go there!.

~confusion is a state of mind~

Em xo

No regrets

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