Live life for yourself!

Well I’m now 20! My birthday was a  busy day at work and when I got home my feet just literally died on me but it was a good day. 12 months ago if someone would have told me I would spend my next birthday working, not at university and not with my then boyfriend I would have called them a liar.. so yep life does change in unexpected ways. 

The interesting thing about my birthday was the messages I received or could that be the messages that I didn’t receive. Not one person from my college friendship group wished me a happy birthday (so as I realised recently it really is out of sight out of mind.. f**k off Em we’ve got better friends than you now!) They couldn’t even be nice to me for one day ! So it’s probably safe to say that what goes around comes around and I’ll just ignore their birthday’s too when they happen. 

That’s not me though, that’s not the way I roll! 

In life people are dispensable when they’ve served a purpose then poof… GONE! Never to be thought or spoken to again.  I’ve heard it before that certain people come in to your life for a reason and I would say yep that’s right, the reason being to teach you to keep your guard up because nothing and no one is forever! 

On a totally throw to a different subject moment, the funny thing that did happen to me on my birthday is that the lad that I was “talking to” asked me “is there anything you want to know about me?” … was he for real!!!! My birthday and he wants to talk about himself. Well my friend I don’t need to ask you anything apart from please leave! .. the all about me boyfriend struck again wow! I really do attract these kind of lads. So I’m going to take a break from needy people and focus on myself and where I want to be in the next 12 months and if a life partner comes along in that time then fine but if not then that’s fine too as it’s not a priority… being myself and being happy is my priority. 

So in summary I’m tired and overworked, I have ditched the lads, ditched the oxygen thieves that were in my life as so called friends and guess what I’m happy! 

~Live for the moment~

Em xo 

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