Poetry in motion

I’ve copied this from one of my mums friends Facebook pages, mum says Karen is the only person she’s ever met in her life that is the true meaning of friendship, she acts and talks from the heart and is a genuinely lovely person. If only we all had a Karen in our lives 💕

~Genuine people are rare so if you find one hold them tight and never let go~

Em xo

Don’t worry folks, I’m not depressed 😊 

(but have been in the past so know how it feels) 


Sometimes in life

You don’t notice at first

The fog rolling in

‘Till it becomes worse

As little by little

It descends every day

Restricting your view

As you go on your way

Then all of a sudden

You’re stopped in your tracks

You cannot move forward

And there’s no turning back

Lost in the fog

Of deepest despair

As darkness descends

With its steely glare

You lose sight of hope

As depression kicks in

Fighting a battle

So hard to win

You take to your bed

Heading under the covers

As you shut out the world

Until you recover

How long it will take

Is unknown to you

As you wait for the sunlight

To start shining through

Hoping and praying

You’ll once again see

The pathway that leads you 

To your inner peace

By Karen Wilson @ Poetry Corner – Facebook 

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