Good enough to love

When you’ve been in an emotionally tough relationship it’s really hard to move on, a lot of searching for answers goes on as well as “what if questions” 

I think women struggle with this way more than men because we don’t emotionally detach like they do we feel like we have to know the reason why??? 

With all that comes the “am I good enough for anyone else?” Because a break up of a relationship also triggers thoughts of being a failure as a person because you couldn’t save the relationship. But the truth is out there… you can only save what wants saving. It’s easy to remember the good bits and make excuses but the reality is that there were huge BAD bits that were never going to be resolved no matter how many times you went over the past. 

Ask yourself these questions:

Was what went wrong all down to just you?

Did you ‘both’ ever say sorry?

Did you ‘both’ acknowledge your actions? 

Did either of you involve others to make them feel at fault “triangular effect”? 

Did either person say hurtful things after the break up? 

Did either person promise to get help for it only to be lies to get sympathy? 

Did either person make you loose your own identity?

With all those sorts of questions in your head it makes you feel like you’ll never be good enough for someone else. 

But we are all good enough! 

If you’re a girl struggling with your own self worth then don’t post sleazy pictures on social media with hardly any clothes on to get attention from men… be true to yourself you are the same person clothed or unclothed and if they don’t see that then it’s their loss. 

Be proud of yourself no matter what!

Life can be lonely, but work with that loneliness to make yourself stronger.

If you’re a lad then think could I treat girls better, could I be a better version of myself, can I admit when I am wrong? 

Everyone deserves to be happy but don’t loose out on having a good life by searching for perfection it just doesn’t exist! 

~life is a bunch of questions with no one right answer~ 

Em xo

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