True reflections

There has been a lot in the news recently about mental health and university studying, having been in this situation I can definitely say that a person missing lectures, getting in to debt, not socialising and such doesn’t mean that they are classic at risk students… because I massively struggled to cope, everything was a fog, but I turned up to lectures and did my work … why ? Because I was even more scared not to be seen to be coping for that reason I went under the radar and my uni thought I was fine . I was far from fine I was a complete mess. If it hadn’t of been for my family god knows what would’ve happened I was that low.

So people do “smile and wave” they put on a brave face everyday day and they cope , depression is silent and the way we all cope is different but the fact is we are all together in this!

Universities need to look after all their students they need to realise that not everyone opens up when they are struggling and that there’s not a one type fits all mental health type. Not everyone is lucky like me to have a good family to support them , not everyone is ready to deal with life’s problems .

I just want people to see that just because someone puts a smile on their face it doesn’t mean they can’t be struggling everyday just to function.

If anyone is struggling you are not alone I am only a message away !

~ reach out to find a brighter day ~

Em xo

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