Quit with the self destruct train

I genuinely believe that there are some people out there that are ‘tortured souls’ but with that belief also comes a thought that just because these people have tortured souls it doesn’t give them the right to treat others badly. 

We all go through bad experiences in life  but that doesn’t mean my bad experience is worse than your bad experience so that gives you an excuse to treat me like rubbish. This has happened to me more than once in my life! 

Do I think everyone can work on their problems and change? … no… because not everyone wants to change or not necessarily change but to resolve their lives and be a better person because they just want to carry on going round in a circle looking for answers that don’t exist, blaming people for their own faults instead of taking responsibility! They move from friendship groups all the time trying to reinvent themselves all so they don’t have to deal with the truth. 

Yes these people can be the nicest people around when they want to be, but if you cross them or don’t give them enough attention then you’re gone! They cut you off dead, they never give second chances, they choose to ignore your pain to gain focus back all the time to themselves. 

People want to be in their lives but they shut the door time and time again as they would rather play the martyr. They would rather loose the best people in their lives than just say “hey I need you and want you in my life can we work on things together”

I suppose it all boils down to honesty and can we be honest with ourselves? 

Life is too short, so stop with the crap, move on , draw a line and if you want something or someone then god damn fight for them, except your good bits and your bad bits in life and finally deal with your demons. 

~you can’t change your past but you can make a better future~ 

Em xo 

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