Passage over time

I saw this shared picture on Facebook and it made me think about people and past events. In the heat of an argument we all react first and think second which nearly always results in harsh words being said. But when you reflect and be honest with yourself you realise reaction is not the best form of action. 

Things happen for a reason but it’s how you deal with them and move on that matters in the end. 

I’ve really learned since starting my journey with Mental health and depression that people do things for a reason but we don’t have to know that reason all the time, we have to say well yeah shit happens, people are not nice all the time and it’s better to move on with your thoughts or it will all end up destroying you within. 

I will not let my past and what’s happened in it to destroy, define or stop my future happiness. 

I can do this! I will do this! 

~happiness is a state of mind~ 

Em xo 

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