A reason to fight

I went to watch Disturbed at The o2 Apollo In Manchester last night, it was a great concert if anyone hasn’t heard their version of The Sound of Silence then it’s a must listen to moment. 

Their lead singer David Draiman talks with such a passion about his lyrics, the one that really stood out is the song “Reason to Fight”, he wrote this about the struggles of mental illness, the words are so meaningful.. 

“When the demon that’s inside you is ready to begin 

And it feels like it’s a battle that you will never win 

When you’re aching for the fire and begging for your sin 

When there’s nothing left inside, there’s still a reason to fight…”

David talked about how it’s important to talk about mental health, how people should open up to others and be honest with themselves. He said so many people loose important people in their lives just because they are afraid to make the first move, to say ‘hey I’m struggling, I miss you, can we talk!’

Don’t ever let pride or stubbornness stand in the way of getting help, don’t suffer in silence, stop covering your emotions and be open and honest with yourself, we all can have ‘A Reason to Fight’ if we want one. 

I hardly ever get a photo opportunity with my Dad so here are some pictures of a great night. 

Love my parents all the world 💕

~ Reach out I’m only a heartbeat away~

Em xo 

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