Just don’t ghost people


Do you ever wonder if people who were in your past still think about you? 

I think this is a tough one because the heart says yes but the mind says no?? 

Some people can disassociate really easily, where as me I’m an analyser. 

As I’ve said before you don’t realise how quickly life moves on and how many people actually pass through your lifetime and yes I’m certain some people are sent to your life for a reason be it good or bad. 

I am quite a forgiving person and like to see the best in people, sadly people are not like that in return for me (it usually ends with me being ghosted then forever!) but I’m not going to change me as a person just because other people are basically arses! 

I’m off work this week but it’s an important one for my family in terms of what happens to my disabled brother in the future, today we have a meeting with social services and it’s not going to be good 😢

So when people out there think they have a hard life just because they only have 400 followers on Instagram or 5000 friends on Facebook or that only 1 person liked their profile pictures just think about families who struggle every day to cope with caring responsibilities, who have little to no support or help… this shit is the real shit that social media never reports! 

~treat others like you want to be treated~

Em xo 

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