Why Oh WHY! do lads on tinder need to have a second agenda? do they really think that sending a dick picture to a girl would get them to like them? All I can say is that it is disgusting!

Why do people have the need to objectify women? Are we not allowed to post an nice picture of ourselves without some lad getting off with that one picture? WHY is the world like this? It is just wrong in my eyes.

I have been thinking about times like this for a while now, and now it is getting on my nerves as I have not done or suggested anything to anyone to suggest that I want to get my leg over! I don’t understand why some lads are brought up with that soon as they see a nice girl’s picture that they have to slide into their DMs and show off their penis because they think that what every girl thinks about and always wants. Well I can tell them lads now that I am not like that and I am sure that many other girls can agree with me.

Us women are not some sex objects for desperate men to get turned on by. We are strong independent women that deserve to be treated with respect and as an individual not some sex toy.

This has really annoyed me and I wanted to get this off my chest, so my rant is over.

To other women out there who experience this, put your foot down and stand up for yourself! It doesn’t matter if they don’t like you, all that matters that you like yourself.

So my decision is made I am deleting my Tinder account because to be honest I would rather be alone than be associated with these trains of thought or actions. I am worth so much more than this!

~Respect my worth or you’re not welcome in my life~

Em xo

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