Repeat cycle

I definitely love all things psychological, the human mind and behaviours fascinate me.. Again through study I’ve revisited the “nature v nurture” debate and the “dysfunctional” family theory. It is a fact that good or bad people learn how to act by copying what their parents do or did… so we could define this as “history repeating itself”

History does repeat itself, it’s a part of the human behaviour train and as I’ve talked about before it inevitably results in the need for people to reinvent themselves when they realise people have seen them for their true colours so it’s move on time … 

But is this move on time or is it move back to people or situations they once knew? . The pattern emerges… social media is a great tool for going back in time, a picture appears of someone in their past, do they ignore it or do they “like” it . The reinventor will always go for the last option because no matter what it’s about getting what they want. I suppose this comes back inevitably to narcissistic traits? 

So the cycle goes on rewind , repeat, reinvent! 

God that was a bit heavy .. well I have been on a night shift 😂

The one thing that is clear though is the reinventor never goes back to the one person who knows them better than themselves because that would mean they had to say sorry and sorry is not an option in their world! 

~be honest to yourself and others~ 

Em xo 

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