Passage over time

Life changes, people change! social media has a way of reminding us what went on before.. if only it could predict the future! 

Things happen and sometimes our reactions are to delete and block instead of facing what scares us most..the truth! 

Could you imagine if there was a world where when you post a picture or status you could never delete it? , it would be a lasting reminder good or bad… may be then we would think twice about our actions. 

I’m writing this because I’ve realised that a part of my history has been deleted as if it never happened, pictures gone, meaningful statuses deleted, people unfollowed or blocked just a whole chapter GONE 😢and it’s sad, I know it’s just how life goes but it shouldn’t be like this. We should keep those memories alive because it happened, it was real in that moment  and that’s all that matters. 

Then if we look back at those memories we might not feel the need to bad mouth those people to score points, to tell our variations of the truth to control how new people see us. 

~love life good or bad, be brave~ 

Em xo 

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