Happiness is definitely within, life is too short not to be happy and today I have a big happiness grin on my face 💕.. the second picture is my brother Ben who has autism, you may see his smile instantly but you won’t probably see he is wearing a ripped t-shirt! . This shows how sometimes smiling can hide a multitude of emotions. At the minute a lot is going on in our family with sorting out Ben’s future as he leaves his residential college in July and has no placement because of a massive failure by social services 😡 When he is anxious he rips t-shirts, he shows challenging behaviour but it’s not because he wants to it’s because he can’t explain his feelings in any other way 😢

But as a family we will give him the support he needs to get through this because that’s what we do because we love him .

Happiness comes in many forms so just go with the happiness of the moment and take one day at a time because happiness is not a given!

~never give up on happiness ~

Em xo

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