Love the way he looks at me.

I really want to express my love for this person and how lucky I feel to have found him.

I love just looking at him when he’s not paying attention because that’s when he is the most beautiful in my eyes… because he’s not trying, it’s natural and he is just being himself and to me that’s better than any picture of him that could ever be taken.

I just love looking at these pictures, I can see that I am finally happy and I feel very happy and lucky every single day. I was in a very dark place a while back and I never thought I’d see the light again but then this perfect person came in to my life and changed it more than he will ever know.

If you are reading this my lovely gorgeous boyfriend, I just want to say thank you for making me be the happiest I’ve ever been and for making me feel whole , you treat me in the way I should be treated, not as a possession or something that can be disregarded without thought you treat me as I should be and I feel special beyond words. Unfortunately, I am here for the long run so you better get used to me being annoying 😂

Em xo

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