Hello again!

This year has gone by so quick , I started it in a very different place than I am right now. I haven’t blogged for quite a while because life has been really busy but I just wanted to say “hey I’m alive and I’m good!” 

Work is good, very stressful at times and busy but I’m still enjoying it. Family life is hectic my brother is still at home with us and waiting to move in to his own home with supported living, his epilepsy is not good which is a big worry but as a family we pull together to support him as best we can because that’s what we do. 

As you know a special person came in to my life a couple of months ago and he is still in it and I just wanted to say he is my everything 💕

I never thought I would find this level of happiness, it kind of consumes my whole body the amount of love that I have for him. He is what I have been waiting for all my life. 

When people say you just know when you are truly in love you think naa how can this be? But I’ll tell you now you just do . 

We don’t even have to talk to know what the other is thinking,  we talk about the future, we talk about “our” future because  our future is together.  We have so many things to look forward to over the next couple of months and I’m so excited to be spending special moments with “the love of my life” 

Anyone who thinks their life can’t change well I can tell you good things do happen when you start to believe again, the light has definitely come in to my life and I am in a good headspace. ❤️

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