There’s always hope…

I don’t get much time to update my blog anymore as life is pretty hectic… but in a good way!
This time last year I was… well a mess! I was struggling at university, hating living away from home, lonely, anxious, recovering from a toxic relationship and I just thought what was the point anymore?

So roll forward 12 months, I have a job that I love, I have travelled and begun living again and the biggest change ever… I met the absolute light of my life 💕

This week was our 6 month anniversary and so here I am sharing the love.

So if anyone is feeling like I did last year I say there is always a light you just have to dig deep and find it. If your life is going wrong only you can change it! It’s hard, very hard but YOU can do this!

~Love the life you live~



Hello again!

This year has gone by so quick , I started it in a very different place than I am right now. I haven’t blogged for quite a while because life has been really busy but I just wanted to say “hey I’m alive and I’m good!” 

Work is good, very stressful at times and busy but I’m still enjoying it. Family life is hectic my brother is still at home with us and waiting to move in to his own home with supported living, his epilepsy is not good which is a big worry but as a family we pull together to support him as best we can because that’s what we do. 

As you know a special person came in to my life a couple of months ago and he is still in it and I just wanted to say he is my everything 💕

I never thought I would find this level of happiness, it kind of consumes my whole body the amount of love that I have for him. He is what I have been waiting for all my life. 

When people say you just know when you are truly in love you think naa how can this be? But I’ll tell you now you just do . 

We don’t even have to talk to know what the other is thinking,  we talk about the future, we talk about “our” future because  our future is together.  We have so many things to look forward to over the next couple of months and I’m so excited to be spending special moments with “the love of my life” 

Anyone who thinks their life can’t change well I can tell you good things do happen when you start to believe again, the light has definitely come in to my life and I am in a good headspace. ❤️

Forget not the passing of time…

I’ve not been on here for a while, life sometimes gets hectic and time passes too quickly. But I wanted to reflect on the little things that make a person smile.

Showing that you care costs nothing, this week a family brought a cake in work for me to say thank you for supporting them. It might not seem a lot but to me it meant that they appreciated my efforts. We all like to be appreciated and not taken for granted.

I do a lot for others and I like seeing people smile, it’s not always about giving gifts or grand gestures it’s about just showing you care. May be it’s just my way and it’s wrong? life sometimes tells me I should be more selfish but that’s not me and I refuse to change because it’s not a crime to show you care. I keep hoping that others will treat me how I treat them but at the end of the day if they can’t see it for themselves then that says more about them than me.

Have a good bank holiday everyone and remember to treat those around you as you would like to be treated yourself.

~it’s not all about money it’s about the thought~

Em xo

Happy Birthday Dad!

So today is my wonderful dads birthday! He has been working hard lately and being my mums rock when life goes to shit.

I don’t realise how lucky I am that I have dad like you. Hard working, sarcastic and in his own way he loves the bones of us all, even when we can be little ungrateful kids.

I hope you have a great day full of sleep because of shitty work. So happy birthday dad, love you lots 💕

Em xo

Love the way he looks at me.

I really want to express my love for this person and how lucky I feel to have found him.

I love just looking at him when he’s not paying attention because that’s when he is the most beautiful in my eyes… because he’s not trying, it’s natural and he is just being himself and to me that’s better than any picture of him that could ever be taken.

I just love looking at these pictures, I can see that I am finally happy and I feel very happy and lucky every single day. I was in a very dark place a while back and I never thought I’d see the light again but then this perfect person came in to my life and changed it more than he will ever know.

If you are reading this my lovely gorgeous boyfriend, I just want to say thank you for making me be the happiest I’ve ever been and for making me feel whole , you treat me in the way I should be treated, not as a possession or something that can be disregarded without thought you treat me as I should be and I feel special beyond words. Unfortunately, I am here for the long run so you better get used to me being annoying 😂

Em xo

Little things matter

I am going away for a week so it’ll be hard not seeing him but all I can say is that I have so many happy memories in my mind that will keep me going ❤️

I just wanted to post this lovely picture that my boyfriend posted about me. Honestly this made my day, no prompting, just him putting it out to the world what he genuinely feels about me. Words can not say how happy this man makes me every single day. I am so lucky to have found him 💕

~ Open your heart to new possibilities ~

Em xo

Happiness is the little things

Happiness is enjoying the little things in life… 

Knowing that you’re going to wake up in the morning next to someone that lights up your whole world, just staring at them when they are still asleep because you can’t believe that he is your version of perfection and he’s in here in your life right now❤️

That simple text to show he cares 💜

That reassuring hand in your hand as you walk 🧡

Being able to talk together about random shit and knowing he won’t judge you, but that he’ll laugh along with your weirdness 💚

When he makes you your favourite meal and smiles when you eat 💛

When he’s proud to show off you to his friends and makes an effort to make you feel like you’re his princess 💓

I am so lucky to have found you.. you turned my darkness in to light and you helped me to believe that special people enter your life at the right time for the right reasons and that good memories can be made and shared again 💞

Thank you for coming in to my life and making me beyond happy 💘

~turn the corner and make that change~ 

Em xo