When the light comes after darkness

For the first time in a long time I feel loved and special, that feeling is so precious… But just as important I finally understand myself, I like myself and I never thought I would say that again!

It’s not a crime to be happy so if any form of happiness comes your way grab it with both hands 💕

~set your mind free and you will find the love you deserve ~

Em xo


Sometimes you’ve just got to go with your heart and take the risk. When butterflies come back in your stomach it makes you realise that time does heal. It takes time to trust people again but you just know when that time is right.. when that person is right!

~ happiness make you feel beautiful inside ~

Em xo


Happiness is definitely within, life is too short not to be happy and today I have a big happiness grin on my face 💕.. the second picture is my brother Ben who has autism, you may see his smile instantly but you won’t probably see he is wearing a ripped t-shirt! . This shows how sometimes smiling can hide a multitude of emotions. At the minute a lot is going on in our family with sorting out Ben’s future as he leaves his residential college in July and has no placement because of a massive failure by social services 😡 When he is anxious he rips t-shirts, he shows challenging behaviour but it’s not because he wants to it’s because he can’t explain his feelings in any other way 😢

But as a family we will give him the support he needs to get through this because that’s what we do because we love him .

Happiness comes in many forms so just go with the happiness of the moment and take one day at a time because happiness is not a given!

~never give up on happiness ~

Em xo